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Yes! We accept guest bloggers to write unique articles for our site and daily newsletter. You may also submit original infographics, pictures, quotes, success stories and videos.

Article Guidelines:

  • Article word count needs to be within 500 words, and may go up to any limit above that.
  • Keep content original and abide by all plagiarism and/or copyright laws.
  • All topics must be related to our niche. (Self-Improvement and Personal Development)
  • Article must be easy to read and easy to understand, also use proper separation/line breaking and paragraphing.
  • Article cannot be re-posted or resubmitted anywhere else, it must stay unique only to our blog.
  • Proof read to be sure there is no grammar errors.
  • Use H2 and H3 formatting while using subheadings.
  • Try to include copyright free images related to the article.
  • Keep Outbound links to a maximum of 3.

Benefits of contributing and writing for Aspiring Mind:

  • Satisfaction: You will get the satisfaction of helping people achieve their life goals and achieve a better life.
  • Exposure: Help grow your online presence by creating high quality content readers can enjoy. This will help expose you to more great opportunities.
  • Credibility: We credit all guest bloggers with a bio and short description along with back links at the end of their posts.
  • Social Media Growth: Not only will you get high PR back links, if our readers enjoy your content you produce they will likely follow you on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Articles accepted for publication should match our themes and values of inspiring but honest self-development content. Learn more about Aspiring Mind and our Mission.

Here is some quality articles we published that meet or exceed our standards:
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So, if you are interested in joining Aspiring Mind and contributing to one of the worlds best self-development and motivational blogs with thousands of monthly readers, then send us an email to our Support Team or via our Contact Us form and let us know why you think you would be a great fit to write some content on our blog. Please include your Bio/Social Links/Picture if you desire along with the Article submitted.

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