When to Ask for a Raise


In most people, the thought about asking their boss for a raise makes them fear them even more. Of course, all bosses are powerful and need to be approached carefully, but what if you are working around the clock to complete all tasks and your performance is not even noticed? In this case, it is your right to ask for a raise but we are going to take a smart approach and prepare you for this a little bit more.

We understand that asking for a raise is a nerve-wracking experience that can even turn against you if you do not present solid arguments to defend your position. For example, if your working schedule and performance is just as same as other workers’, the chances of getting the raise are very low plus there is no point in asking. However, if you have been staying up nights completing very difficult assignments by yourself, it is a whole other ball game.

Your performance is the key to getting the raise. If you noticed that you have been performing better than your colleagues, it means that you bring much more money to the company than them. So why you should not bring more money into your home as well, right? The logic behind it is very simple: better performance means higher pay. If this applies to you, go straight to your boss’s office.

This and many other important signs are reviewed in an infographic below. It has all answers to your questions and guides you to the proper outcome. By using this infographic from Aussiewriter, you will have all solid arguments you can have to present to your boss if he/she doubts that you deserve a raise. Also, it will help you to choose the best time when to ask. Well, let’s go get some raise!

When to ask for a raise

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