11 Simple Ways to Improve Communication


Communication is crucial to initiate relationships, build, and maintain them. Here are a few simple ways to improve the diverse aspects of communication with your parents, friends, siblings, spouses, partners, and colleagues.


Communicate at a meetingYes, this is crucial. I believe more than fifty percent of communicating something to someone lies in listening to them. Why? Even when you’re talking, you still want to listen. Because then you understand what is going on in their mind, and therefore you will be able to respond to them in a way that will help your conversation in the best possible way.

Do not butt in:

Especially while someone is making a point. No matter how much you feel like it, let them finish first. You’ll have your chance, too. It’s a simple reminder we need all the time.

Do not go on taking about yourself:

When someone is telling you their problem, for instance, don’t start talking about yours when they are distressed about theirs. It is a marker of inefficient communication. Follow Dale Carnegie’s principle of showing interest in other people and using their name often.


Don’t hesitate to make conversation, no matter how awkward the idea it may seem at first. This applies specially to communicating with parents and new colleagues. There could have been instances which has lead you to avoid conversing at all, but never completely give up the idea of ever having a conversation with them.

Look them in the eye:

Man with confidence

When you talk to someone, look them in the eye. It shows self-confidence, and that you are totally focusing on them as they speak.

Be clear:

Think of what you want to communicate to the particular person and make sure you say whatever it is that you want to say clearly. If you tend to talk fast, make efforts to slow it down.

Be assertive:

A positive attitude while conversing swerves the conversation in the right direction, and is more effective at finding out solutions.


If you hesitate when it comes to communicating with unknown people, then go up to the mirror and imagine yourself talking to just anybody. This works wonders because you then get to check the errors you are making, and also sometimes understand the way you yourself are thinking.

Take your time:

If you are unsure of what to say in a conversation, say so. And then take your time to think about it to reach an honest and fitting reply. You can allow silence to happen.

Make use of gestures:

Hand as well as head. Hand gestures are those that your body involuntarily makes when you get talking. This shows how in sync you are with yourself while you talk. Head gestures are those that you think of for someone. For example, if your mother has difficulty when it comes to some task that she does daily, fix that problem for her. It could be a broken machine or a handle. Little things like these will reduce her stress and even make her smile the next time she uses what you fixed.

Be honest:

Clichéd as it might be, honesty is indeed the best policy, and it is one of the best ways to improve communication. It takes courage to speak your mind, and it comes with the reward of a strong and healthy relationship.

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