Personal Success Workshop Podcast – Episode 3 – Overcoming Fear of Failure


Personal Success Workshop Podcast Episode 3In today’s episode we are discussing why people seem to fail or fall short of reaching their goals and miss out on life changing opportunities, due to fear of change and fear of failing.

Joining us today we have a very special guest, Tom Ingrassia, president of The MotivAct Group.

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You can read our in-depth interview with Tom prior to this podcast on our blog, so to our listeners please go check that out for some more information on how you can reach out and connect with Tom, including links to his website and the Facebook page mental massage.

We see this all the time, when people lose one battle so to say then they automatically give up on winning the war. We all face adversity and roadblocks, we all fail at one point or another.

We discuss the major qualities one must have to overcome roadblocks, fear of failure and adversity when reaching for a large life goal so they can keep moving forward.

Then we go into talking a little more specifically about FAILURE, this is one thing that I find more often than not stops people from trying anything difficult or moving out of their comfort zone. Maybe you are comfortable in your day job, you have goals you want to achieve but you are afraid of stepping out of that comfy zone and actually making some mistakes and failing?

Personally, I think that failure is part of the growth process. All of the successful people I ever met, have all failed over and over again to get where they are. I don’t think a lot of people understand that. They think they should be perfect and never make mistakes or they are losers.

In order to get better at anything, you have to be willing to fail, but I don’t think that is enough. You have to learn from those failures. You need to grow from them, and get better for the next go-round.

I think embracing fear and accepting failure in order to grow is a large part of achieving large life goals.

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