Personal Success Workshop Podcast – Episode 2 – Time Management


Personal Success Workshop Podcast – Episode 1 – Time ManagementWe will be breaking down a topic that everyone loves to hate… Time Management. What is it, why do you need it? Why can you just wing it?

We go over all of life’s various inputs ( Task lists, phone apps, Kanban, Time logs, etc. ). Learn how to break things down into smaller components to achieve a larger goal. Do the things your down want to do first ( eat that ugliest frogs first ). Review & track your progress so you know where you’re going, and stop working harder, learn to work smarter.

Discover the use of a very special system Kanban technique to speed up productivity and get more done in less time.

You will realize how much time and mental energy you put into tasks that could be bogging down your system and are off course of your main goal. Focus your time and efforts on the things that matter, we will teach you how to accomplish more in less time.

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