New Fun and Exciting Ideas for Team Building


Building a strong team, collaborating on new marketing and design strategies, is vital to successful businesses. Yet, the more cutting-edge your company, the less effective traditional “vanilla” staff or team meetings become.

Here are a few suggestions to make your team building strategy achieve lofty goals. At first, you may wonder how these fun activities relate to team building. But, these have proven to work to motivate team members to care about the rest of their team, and fuel their imagination to originate new, out-of-the-box, creative ideas.

Fresh and Fun Activities to Improve Work Team Bonding

Since many company’s team building efforts become “stale” over time, consider these exciting adventures to re-stimulate your teams’ creativity and engagement. These activities have proven to be outstanding at building teams.

Go to an Escape Room

Escape room for team building

Escape Rooms are exciting ways to bond, build, and refresh teams, infusing team members with creativity. When your teams are locked in a room, with only one way out, team members must find clues to escape the room. Escape Rooms improve the critical thinking component of all teams, regardless of industry.

This scavenger hunt, puzzle game is a hybrid of these classic games, which demands teamwork to find a successful escape. Even if the team cannot solve the challenge, they’ll be energized by their failure. Since this game is timed (typically, one hour to escape), there is no guarantee your team will devise a successful escape plan.

This is a fun and challenging game for young and older team members. These factors, particularly the teamwork necessity to escape, are wonderful team building exercises – and great fun, too! As John Harlarcher, Game Designer for the Ninja Escape Room Seattle says, “Whether you just want an afternoon or evening of fun or to use our Escape Room for team building activities, you will achieve your objective.”

Escape Rooms fuel teams’ camaraderie and engagement, as well as their critical thinking ability. Since they must collaborate and communicate effectively to solve the difficult puzzle generated by Escape Room designers. In addition to finding clues that help the team solve the puzzle, Escape Rooms reward innovative thinking by team members, even those who are not natural puzzle solvers, since everyone has a role and, therefore, contributes to the solution and escape plan.

Take a Jet Ski Tour

These types of adventure tours are more affordable than helicopters and still often light fires and calm any interpersonal relationship issues within team members, allowing them to devise innovative solutions to workplace project problems. Beyond that, just having your team experience something as unforgettable and out of the ordinary as this leads to better bonding than your average team building game at the company holiday party.

Adam Shwartz, owner of Sea the City, a Jet Ski and boat tour company in NYC says, “Our Jet Ski tours, have proven to be wonderful team building options for many companies.” These unique tours give your teams a fabulous new perspective on NYC, encourage team bonding, and give team members a memorable unforgettable experience.

Play Laser Tag

Laser tag for team building

For many of your team members; laser tag was a popular attraction in their childhood. Few team building activities are as much fun as laser tag. Since zombies are hot now, some indoor laser tag fields feature challenges by the “undead.” Laser tag is a superior tool for team building and bonding, as it promotes leadership, communication skills, and collaboration as a team to defeat enemies (even if they’re other teams from the same company).

Lasers are faster than paintballs. Hence, it’s harder to dodge shots at you from your opponents. You will see how nimble your teams really are. But, you’re not paying them for their athletic ability, you employ them for their talent and creativity at the workplace. However, these teams function better when they have fun and function as a fine-tuned machine.

Regardless of their physical flexibility – and who wins the game — they will bond with their teammates, which they will transfer to the workplace.


Your firm can decide to reward teams on business milestones reached or to simply increase enthusiasm for new product launches or marketing campaigns. In all cases, these games are fun and build team camaraderie and trust. Bring out the creativity and bond your teams with these fun activities.

Teams that collaborate accomplish much more than their individual parts regardless of team members’ individual talents. These fun suggestions for proven team building do more to create a strong team than multiple meetings ever will.

Team work

Team building involves:
  • Getting team members on the “same page” with company goals
  • Smoothing out some “rocky” interpersonal relationships
  • Clearly defining team members’ roles on the team
  • Creating solutions to any team performance or interpersonal issues

Team building is among the most widely used activities in almost all successful companies. One of these studies even discovered that team building had the strongest influence for improving company performance. While it often appears that there are not enough solid team players to go around, company leaders must find and employ talented, team-oriented staff.

Digital teams (working offsite) often suffer team disconnect, since team members are not in physical proximity with each other, making bonding difficult. Team building, such as the fun things herein described, can overcome the propensity to suffer team disconnect issues.

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