Knowing The Different Avenues of Car Finance And Their Applications


Considering the opulence of car purchases and a thriving automobile market, there is a barrage of car finance options that seek to fetch you the coveted vehicle. Typically, car loans for bad credit is the most customary and common avenue.

Girl in car after financeHere, you need to consider all types of financing options to ensure that they meet your varied requisites. If you’re thinking to purchase a new or used car from dealership, this is the option that is the most feasible for you. This form of financing option implores a borrower to remember that he or she is the full owner of the car until the entire loan is paid off. In case of any defaulting, you will lose the prospect of owning that car. In addition to this, you cannot sell your car until and unless you’ve repaid the amount. There are lenders offering car finance in a 3 year time span.

Elucidating the modes of finance

Finding the right vehicle can be a challenge but affirming your payment options can be an uphill task too. There are different types of car finance that help you buy a car.

• Personal loans are one such example. You can obtain it from any building society of financial institution where you can spread the expense over 1-7 years.
• Your monthly repayments can exceed other options in the market, but you need to know that you will own the car and the net amount you pay will be lesser as compared to the other methods.
• Personal loans are the most sought after ones and are generally the cheapest and most viable method for borrowing in a long term. However, if your credit rating is tarnished, you may find it tough to obtain one.
• There are financing pathways offered by automobile dealers that you may have to consider.
• There is also the peer-to-peer loan, which denotes the lending and borrowing between people through dedicated websites. Although these loans bypass conventional financial sources like banks, you still require a good credit rating to obtain the best rate.

New bought car

More on the ins and outs

For standard car finance from a credit union or bank, the financier lends customers cash to purchase a new or used car. Though the simplest of all, you still need to be prepared for additional costs besides being financially sound. The interest rate can be secured and unsecured.

• Your car becomes the security or collateral against the loan. Finance can entail on-road expenses and the concerned monthly payments cater to a specific time frame.
• There is variable or low fixed interest since the finance is firmly secured against your vehicle. You have flexible terms for repayments and time.
• In case of hire purchase, the loan’s interest rate differs like the borrowed amount. These rates are competitive if you compare them with the loan obtained from an esteemed lender.
• Interest free loans are also preferred in this regard. The main advantage is that it’s not mandatory for the borrower to pay interest on the concerned borrowed amount. You need to pay the sum within the stipulated time frame. This loan facility is used extensively by dealers. It caters to those who are seeking to buy a brand new car and have the ability to repay the sum within the time.
• In finance lease, a financier purchases the vehicle before leasing it to the motorist. This loan modality entails the immediate channelization of the vehicle with marginal or zero capital outlay.
• The leases are available for business and people where the vehicle caters to commercial purposes. The concerned motorist pays monthly, fixed rentals and entails financial responsibility pertaining to the trade-in and maintenance residual risk aspects of the car.
• You also have chattel mortgage, novated lease and operating lease as options in car finance.

Hope you like the above mentioned information! This will definitely help you when you are planing for a new car.

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