How to Stop Slacking and Start Exercising


If you’re stressed about hiding your flabby curves, it’s time to toss that cover-up away and crumble such shame instead. People have many reasons for not exercising. Busy with work or school, busy with the family, busy with this and that, etc. Why not stop making excuses and start working?

So if you decided to have a healthier life, learning healthy habits doesn’t have to be difficult. Not sure where to begin? Use these tips and steps in achieving your body goals.

Visualize and Apply.

Woman visualize motivation

Visualize your body goals. Close your eyes and imagine yourself looking fit and young. Assume that you are having a fun and healthy day living your life to the fullest without minding any mishaps of your body.

This imagination shouldn’t remain as just. Do not stay in your single bed, watching tv, eating and repeating the whole process again for the rest of the day. Your body is supposed to be a beautiful temple, not a calorie farm. Stop feeding your fats and start feeding yourself with the right nutritious food. As you visualize, seek for ways to make that imagination a reality.

Breathe creatively by Exercising.

Exercising is defined as a physical activity that could improve body health. Plain breathing is, unfortunately, not a mode of exercise. You have to be creative with how you breathe so that it can be an exercise. Yoga breathing is a form of exercise. And Yoga is not a heavy exercise that would make you pant in big huffs about to blow a pig’s house. Yoga teaches serenity and tranquility. It can also help control your mood swings.

Eat lots of vegetables and fruits.

Fruits and veggies

Stay away from sugar and refined carbohydrates found in foods like bread and pasta. Glucose, such as beans and whole grains, are good sources of energy. Die down your fat intake, but do totally remove it from your diet. Minimal meal difference could make a change.

Don’t eat because you’re bored, eat because you’re hungry. How would you know if you’re hungry or just bored? Try the apple theory. If the thought of an apple could make you salivate, then you’re hungry. But if you would prefer pizzas or hot dogs and insist that you’re hungry, then you’re just bored.

Drink a lot of water.

Your brain is 80% water. Drinking water will help you think better and focus on what you are doing. Since you are also on a diet, it can relieve fatigue from loss of food. Water promotes weight loss. Flushes out toxins and prevents cramps and sprain.

Take fish oil supplements.

Fish oil supplements can be a good buddy for your daily workouts. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that indulge productivity. This productivity can make you do a hundred minute plank or more. Fish oil can also maintain healthy bones, to prevent you from hearing cracking hips and spines. Though it is just an option to help you with the “Better You” Project, it is highly advisable.

Take a Vacation.

Woman on vacation having fun

Use your vacation to smell fresh airs, not air conditioned ones. Opt for outdoor activities that can help you become fit by doing some adventures at the same time. Jogging in magnificent landscapes will not only make you sweat but will also offer you a breathtaking scenery. A sunrise from the beach or a mountain top-view could surely pay off those aching muscle from exercise. You won’t get to appreciate these things if you’re locked up in your room with just a few gadgets and television.


Truth be told, it is not easy to be fit. Just the thought of exercising can already be tiring. Nevertheless, if a person sincerely wants to achieve a better version 2.0 of oneself, no petty thoughts can stop that person. How to be fit tips are just words until put into action.

Rachel Minahan is an interior designer. She browses design online for her new collection for her new clients. Rachel is also fond of writing in different blogs to share her experiences and passion in her chosen field. She writes about dream houses or an elegant furniture. In Spite of her busy schedule, she always has time to take care of her baby which is a husky named Bud.

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