A Guide to Overall Fitness with a Gym Ball


A gym ball is made with soft elastic and usually the diameter is not more than 14 to 34 inches. The ball that is used in physical therapy can also be left to deflate. The exercise ball is highly beneficial for various activities and it can also be used for athletic training and weight training.

The benefit of exercising with this type of ball is different from that of the other types of exercising. If you are exercising with the help of gym ball, then you will need to balance with the instability of the ball that is different when compared to the hard surface. In this form of exercise, you need to engage many muscles and thus you can work out many areas of your body and these become stronger doing the balancing act. The core focus is the abdominal and the back muscles which is included in the program.

Girl with gym ball

What are the benefits?

  • One of the most common and versatile piece of equipment for exercising is the gym ball. The professionals use these to maintain stability in their body and these are also used in clinics for rehabilitation purpose.
  • These are very effective for developing balance as the core strength. The personal trainers and other such professionals have started to integrate these in training programs. It improves focus, concentration and better understanding of the body as well.
  • The gym ball is used to develop multiple muscles in the body. The simple exercises help to improve the responses in neurologically induced muscles.
  • The ball helps you to establish, restore and maintain a perfect body balance. It trains the body to function in its own natural process.
  • It is used as a great balance tool and is a whole-body exercise that challenges strength and the muscles of the body.
  • The muscles of the deep pelvic, abdominal and the back muscles are stimulated which is very essential for good posture.

How to use the gym ball?

Gym ball is usually tucked in the corner of a gym but sadly, many people do not understand the importance of this exercise ball. The trainers use them as key tools to work up sweat and to build muscles. The ball can work every muscle in the body and help to tone the legs and thighs. You can do the following exercises to build long and lean muscles.

  • The wall ball squat is the one that improves and the shape of gluteus and thighs. In this you need to stand up with your back facing the wall but the feet should be a bit wide than the hip. The ball should be placed between the back and the wall and you need to lean back slightly to keep the ball elevated.
  • The other exercise is the decline push up. This helps the triceps and shoulders a well as chest and abs to get a regular push up. You will need to start right at the top of a push –up position with the hands and the shoulder width staying apart. The arms need to be straight and the feet must be at on the top of the gym ball. You must look at the floor by bending the elbows and lower the chest towards the ground.

Gym ball exercises


It is very simple to choose the right ball for your exercise. The ball must be properly sized that would allow to sit on it with your knees. You can also keep the hip at 90 degrees. The ball that you use is of different sizes. This will allow more flexibility and variation in your exercises. So, make sure that you select the right gym ball and follow the right exercising techniques to get the best out of your exercise regime.

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