Company Perks You Didn’t Realize You Could Negotiate at an Interview


An employment interview isn’t just a chance for a prospective employer to gauge your level of brilliance. It’s also the perfect time to put your highly honed negotiation skills into practice and bargain for some profitable perks.

Your Job Title

When applying for a job, many people don’t realize the possibility of negotiating an alternate job title. Whilst not something you’d likely raise at the first interview, if you find yourself successfully moving through the recruitment process, consider if there is a more advantageous job title that will add greater value to your career progression.

For example, a Direct Brand Developer sounds a lot more snazzy than a Marketing Assistant. If you’re stuck for ideas consider using this tool before you enter the interview.

Your job title isn’t just a line on your email signature. It represents how the rest of the world will perceive your skills and abilities from the get-go. It’s a marketing tool and therefore should be used to your advantage. Also, the meaning of a particular job title in one company may be very different outside of those walls.

Run a Google search to compare job responsibilities and titles in your industry. You may be in a position to advance your career by maneuvering the word “manager” or “director” into your title. Important to consider is the fact that you’re essentially paving the way for future career advancement. You want to secure a job title that will enable you to easily expand the scope of your responsibilities in the future.

Educational Opportunities

Educational opportunities

Another consideration when negotiating a new employment contract is the inclusion of funding to pay for further study. When employees learn new skills or gain a new qualification, this also benefits the employer by enhancing the overall quality of their workforce. Encouraging staff to complete further study is a mechanism for employers to ensure continuous advancement of their labor pool.

The value proposition of your prospective employment is based on a combination of your skills, experience and qualifications, among other things. Therefore, broadening and continuously updating your skills is important and will prove a valuable asset in the long run.

Outplacement Services

Some companies offer outplacement services for their executive team but may not necessarily consider this option for staff further down the hierarchy. Although outplacement may not benefit you in the interim, you never know when it may come in handy.

Outplacement firms assist in such circumstances as redundancy and lay-offs, and you never know when these may eventuate. Providers can also assist with preparation of your resume, practicing interview skills and teaching you how to connect with the right type of prospective employers. Negotiating access to outplacement services from the outset means you’re going a long way to future-proof your career and provide yourself with a valuable safety-net.

Review Schedules

People are often surprised to learn the possibility of requesting out-of-cycle performance and salary reviews or “informal check ins”. It’s important to note this type of request is best undertaken during pre-employment negotiations, prior to commencing a new position. If granted, bargain to have the timeframe for your reviews included as an addition to your employment contract.

Employment opportunitiesParticipation in additional reviews during the year provides you with the possibility of increasing your earnings and progressing your career at a much faster rate than if you have to wait for the standard annual review. Ensure you’re equipped with a solid understanding of the company’s standard practice in relation to reviews before commencing at a new job. That way, you’ll be armed with the right sort of bargaining power to negotiate additional benefits.

Agreeing out-of-cycle reviews can help to offset a lower starting salary or provide compensation in the case you may be overqualified. It provides your new employer opportunity to witness your performance on-the-job and have opportunity to reward it, without having to wait an entire year before receiving additional benefits.

Joe Flanagan is the Senior Consultant at Velvet Jobs, an outplacement firm, resume builder and job search facility. His expertise include employee empowerment and morale, recruitment and resume critiques.

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