Best of Live Chat – How you should use this Customer Service Channel


The quicker that you can answer customers’ questions, the happier your customers will be—right? That’s the truth—and that’s why live chat is helping to revolutionize customer service departments across the globe.

If you’re not familiar with live chat, here’s the breakdown: It’s a real-time connection that customers can make, asking your customer service reps questions about orders or merchandise—or really, whatever they want to ask.

Its immediacy is just part of the reason why customers love live chat. In fact, nearly three-fourths of customers express satisfaction with this method of company contact. They can multi-task, they can connect when it’s most convenient for them, they have records of interactions: The benefits are numerous.

Before throwing resources behind live chat, though, it’s important to develop procedures and goals around the process. How will you support your customer service agents? How will you do with any uptick in traffic?

These concerns and advice are outlined in the helpful tips in this graphic.

Live chat Infographic

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