How to Achieve Business Goals with Less Work?


Close your eyes (but not until your read this sentence), inhale deeply and exhale with an enlightening: It can be done! The modern world is all about convenience and play, and so every company from Google to your neighborhood laundry service is thinking of ways to create a leisure working experience for their employees in order to keep stress levels down and bring productivity up.

And if Google can give its employees time to slack off and produce results, then you have every right to do the same for yourself. You can achieve a lot of things by spending less time on the grind and more time making smart and calculated decisions. Let’s get to it!

Outsource and Delegate

Outsource Work

Especially useful for entrepreneurs, rather than doing the work yourself, try outsourcing to freelancers like virtual assistants, programmers and writers. Outsourcing is a very popular way of getting more done (by others) while investing less time.

Additionally, if you work in an office, delegate the tasks to others! Don’t just throw your work pile onto their pile, rather cut your tasks into smaller ones and delegate each of them to others. Not only will this produce faster results than you having to do all the work, but it will also mean you having to spend less time on the project.

Take Breaks

Maybe you’ve heard this one a thousand times, but actually, taking a break means much more than taking 15 minutes to eat a sandwich. No, taking longer breaks increases productivity and relieves stress, so that when you get back to work, you will be sharp as a razor.

What’s more important, is where you take the break. Rather than going to a crowded coffee shop, take a walk in the park, literally. Being surrounded by nature for an hour will help you concentrate and de-stress.

Numbers are Your Friends

Don’t just do things the way you’re told, measure them and come up with better solutions. Assuming you’re on the right path could be your biggest time waster, so make sure you track your progress and focus on finding ways of improvement.

Start with testing two tactics simultaneously. If one tactic proves more productive than the other, you’ve got yourself a time-saver. Additionally, don’t just measure the results, but track the process to evaluate the time and resources needed to reach the goal.

A Lean, Mean, Productive Machine

Gears of productivity

Keeping your business working like a well-oiled machine is very important. Rather than spending time on tools and processes that take too long or don’t guarantee results, focus on making every process as efficient as possible.

If you are dealing with import and export, customs can be a big nuisance. Especially if heavy loads are involved. Using the principle of efficiency, you can skip the hassles of paperwork and outsource the work to Sydney freight services instead. This way you can save time and money while boosting the company’s productivity.

Manage your Energy Levels

You are no good to a project if you’re drained and you can’t focus. Make sure to create a plan of action in accordance with your energy levels and manage your energy levels in accordance with your work. It is far more productive and time-saving to work intensely for a shorter period of time, than dragging on a project for days.

If you work yourself into low energy, you will become far less productive. So, make sure you work in bursts and take a break after each completed task. When you do work, give it your all and you will be done in no time.

Who said that to achieve more, you have to work more? If you want to achieve more, you have to work smarter. In the process, you will have saved precious time you can spend doing the things you love, so make sure you optimize your business for efficiency, automate everything you can, and enjoy life!

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