9 Fitness Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better in 2017


Sticking to a workout routine is way more difficult than it looks. Going to the gym a couple of times a week takes some serious commitments and let’s face it, after a long day at the office, we’re running low on energy.

Still, working out has the power of making us feel better and healthier. This is why so many people look radiant when they’re leaving the gym; all those endorphins will boost not only our energy level, but also our state of mind.

Here are 9 hacks that will help you get past all those excuses and allow you to get in shape faster than ever before!

1. Exercise With a Buddy

Working out with a friend will turn your regular workout session into a fun one. Plus, having someone to push you when you don’t feel like going to the gym is always a great motivational factor.

Working out on your own is hard, especially when it’s raining outside and you don’t want to leave your cozy bed. Still, if you’re exercising with a friend, you’ll rely on each other for support during the days when getting in shape is no longer a priority.

2. Hydrate Thoroughly

Sweating is normal, especially when you’re running around the block or doing jumping jacks, so make it a habit of drinking a glass of water even when you don’t feel like you’re thirsty.

Keep in mind that usually, when we start to think about hydration, our body is already on edge and in dying need of liquids, so avoid side-effects such as tiredness or headaches by drinking lots of water.

3. Listen to Loud Music

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Fast and loud music has a direct effect on our body and mind. By listening to some fun music, our mind gets into a sort of trance, in which we focus on what we do, but increase the rhythm.

Create a workout playlist that will help you get your mind out of the daily problems and allow you to exercise at a faster pace.

4. Mix Up Your Routine

If you have already been doing the same exercises for over a week, it means you’re probably bored and certainly aren’t excited about working out anymore. In order to keep your motivation levels up, you have to switch things up a little.

Whenever you go to the gym, try using different devices, such as a free standing pull up bar, a battle rope or a fitness ball.

5. Stick to a Daily Schedule

This is probably the hardest thing to accomplish. After a couple of months, our New Year’s resolutions have lost some of their power, and we realize that sticking to a daily exercise routine is hard work.

The easiest way to avoid skipping workout days is by changing your mentality. Start thinking about your exercises the same as you do about your job. You have to do it daily, whether you like it or not.

6. Drink Caffeinated Drinks

A cup of coffee or tea is a great trick that will boost your energy levels just enough to keep you going with your exercises. Instead of finding excuses for giving up and then feeling bad about quitting, drink a coffee and get to work.

Caffeine will also help you detox your body, so all in all, coffee will also make you healthier.

7. Workout Outside

Exercising in a closed space can make you want to run for the hills, so why not do it? Replace the treadmill with the lanes of a park and have a change of scenery. Plus, you’ll get to benefit from all that vitamin D from the sun, so besides oxygenating your body better, you’ll also have stronger bones.

Just remember to wear sunscreen every time your workout takes you outside!

8. Do Cardio Exercises

Don’t neglect cardio exercises, even though they take a lot of time. By taking care of your heart, you also ensure that your whole body has an increased oxygen level, so do some cardio whenever you get the chance.

Also, there are ways to combine cardio and strength training, for example, so find the best fit for you.

9. Choose HIIT

High-intensity training or HIIT is a type of training that will incorporate in only half an hour all you’d normally do in 2 or even 3 hours.

Instead of spending hours every day in the gym, look for some HIIT exercises that will not only work all your muscles, but will also push your body to do more, to do better, to be healthier.

We hope these 9 hacks have helped you to find a way to get past those rainy days and keep going with your workout routine. Keep in mind that each day will get you closer to your goal, whether it is to lose weight, stay in shape, or be healthier!

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