7 Fitness Tips to Keep Your New Year Resolutions on Track


It’s no surprise that gyms see a massive rise in attendance during January. It’s time of the year when people are bored with eating and drinking after the holiday season. But did you ever notice that a majority of these people are gone within a few weeks?

The reason is hidden in our temptation to forget our New Year resolutions. Of course, fitness goals and ambitions are no exceptions.

But this year it could be different, especially for you since you are here to read these fitness tips to keep your New Year resolutions on track.

The good news is that it doesn’t require any special skill. You don’t need frequent reminders. And, there is no need for counseling. The trick simple, you have to think about making a difference in your life this year and live a healthier life.

Follow these 7 fitness tips, and you will stay in the gym – until the end of the year – to make new resolutions the next year with your confidence at the highest.

1 Set realistic fitness goals this year

Healthy woman on pole

One of the reasons you are looking to learn new ways to keep your New Year resolutions on track could be how you set your fitness goals last year.

Research has indicated that resolutions and goals should be measurable. Moreover, they should be specific and achievable. If one of these ingredients is missing from your New Year fitness resolutions, the chances are that you will eventually fall short on your goals.

Start by setting realistic and specific goals this year instead of setting up vague and broad goals. Figure out a way to accomplish them and document a method with steps to get these.

Break down your goal’s components into finer details. Work on each of these details and turn them into measurable milestones. If you could, develop a checklist around those milestones.

2 Plan ahead of time

This one is obvious. If you are going to set realistic goals, you need to work on them. That requires time, and you won’t have much on the New Year’s night.

So, plan ahead and start a week earlier to figure out your fitness goals. That way, you will have time to work out fitness routines and other finer details of your plan to achieve your aim.

3 Make an outline

Once you have decided your fitness goals for the New Year, set them down in black and white.

Scientific research has proved that looking at your goals every day and going through the outline of how to achieve them could help in starting a day positively.

The good news is that it doesn’t take a long to make an outline. You are not writing a business plan after all. Just take a few notes and print them out so that you can hang them in your exercise area – if that’s where you start your day.

4 Understand your motivation and say it out loud

Fit man motivation

Are you wondering How to motivate yourself to workout? When you are setting a fitness goal for 2017, don’t forget to understand your goals. That means you should know your motivation behind those goals.

Once you understand your motivation for the goal, say it out loud when setting your New Year resolution. That way, you will have a better chance to keep your resolutions on track in 2017.

5 Tell everyone about your fitness goals for 2017

You don’t just have to remind yourself of your fitness goals 2017 throughout the year, but you can also add social pressure to achieve them by asking everyone else to remind you.

Don’t ask them literally but talk to them about your fitness milestones for 2017 whenever you can. When you achieve a milestone, get everyone together, maybe throw a party, and tell them about it.

It will help you stay on track. It always works.

6 Introduce healthy rewards along with New Year resolution in 2017

You will possibly stay motivated from January through February, but it won’t last long unless you have set some rewards on the way to 2018.

These rewards don’t have to be plentiful. They don’t have to be potential obstacles for your fitness goals. Instead, they can be healthy rewards. You can eat better if eating is the only thing that seems to bring the joy of a reward.

7 Don’t forget to track your progress

Keep track in notebook

Don’t go after your fitness goals blindly. If you are on a mission to lose weight in 2017, mark on a calendar when you lost the first five pounds, and the second five, and so on.

Keeping a journal could REALLY help. Keeping track of your fitness goals will help you stay focused.

Now pat yourself on the shoulder, scan these tips again, and start the work. There is hardly any time left for you to work out your fitness goals for 2017.

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