6 Tips on Improving Your Company Finances


You may think that your finances are completely in order, but that just might not be true. Luckily, that probably means that your business is doing great. Still, every business has its rainy days. Once that happens, all the bad financial decisions and practices come out and hit you right in your budget. Therefore, while you’re doing so well, the time is perfect to improve your finances as much as possible. Even if those rainy days never come, turning your business into a well-oiled financial machine is always a good idea.

Improve Your Financial Literacy

It’s hard to be good at something if you’re not aware of all the factors that determine your success or failure. That’s why you need to improve your financial literacy. There are at least 5 different ratios that you need to know about at any time. These include: current ratio, debt/equity ratio and quick ratio. All of them can help you understand your financial situation. Therefore, get educated in finances.

Keep Close Track of Your Cash Flow

It’s important to keep the cash is moving and that it’s not blocked or trapped in places where you cannot get the hold of it or simply cannot use it. Trapped cash is as good as no cash. Therefore, make sure that you invest in things that you can use to earn more money.

Balance Your Way Between Necessities and Luxuries

Expensive Printer

For example, your office needs a printer. You rarely print in color and you usually need it for simple documents. Your needs can be met with a simple black and white ink jet printer. A black and white laser printer will make you more efficient and fast with better quality of printing. It is more reliable and you do not have to worry about the cartridges and the ink. A new, color 3D printer is an awesome thing, but you do not need it. It’s far more expensive than a regular laser printer and it won’t do a five-times better job.

Ask for Help

Some people are great at fixing things while others are amazing gardeners. So if finances are not your strong side, don’t worry, but definitely hire somebody to help you. Good forensic accounting services can help you a lot. Professionals can analyze your finances and point out the things that could and should be better.

Regular Monthly Reviews

Review statements

You need to make sure that you always know what is happening in your company in terms of finances. Monthly, weekly and quarterly reviews are good indicators. Don’t let the monthly financial reviews pass you by and always take a good, long look at them. Compare them with the previous ones and make good plans for the next period.

Make Your Own Cash Reserves

Every business owner needs to have cash reserves in case their business hits a bump on the road. The amount of this reserve needs to be sufficient to keep the business running for at least 6 months. During that period, you will have enough time to make all the necessary changes and get back on your feet.

One of the very important reasons why you need to keep track of your finances is to spot the right moment for expanding. This is only possible if your finances are well organized and your yearly reviews show that there is room for growth. Therefore, whether you’re in for a rocky period or you are looking at a bright future, your company finances need to be in order to get you through.

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