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Back in 2005 blogging was brand new, so everybody was experimenting to see what works better. They soon realized that if you publish articles on a consistent basis, no matter their quality, you could get a lot of traffic. But things slowly changed and now people don’t pay attention to crappy content anymore. So if you write papers for money and their quality is very low you will soon be out of business.

Although some so-called experts still recommend publishing articles every week or even every day if you want to increase your traffic, this is not true. You can write a single article a month, but if it’s of exceptional value to your reader, it will make all the difference and boost traffic before you even realize it.

Here is what you should be paying attention to in your blog posts if you want to smash the audience.

1. Who is your audience?

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One thing is clear: you cannot write articles for everyone. By creating blogs about social skills, productivity, fitness, etc. that do not appeal to a specific reader, they appeal to no one. The solutions you give, the stories you tell and the examples you present should be created for a specific audience, depending on who you want to help. This way you will have much more impact than you would if you targeted everyone.

For example, you write a blog trying to help people increase their productivity in their everyday lives. But who are you addressing to? The 9-to-5 employee? The stay-at-home mom? A student? A solo entrepreneur? They all have different needs, so if you try to write an article that could help everyone would a massive failure.

2. Tell stories, give examples, and show

People do not want information. This is what they can find on Wikipedia. What they want when they read your blog is personal stories, pictures, and examples that they can learn something from. There are almost 2 million blogs published every day, so you’d better find an original way to stand out among those. There are so many paper writers posting their articles, essays, and reports. So much information with which the reader is bombarded. Although you may offer the same information as they do, it matters how you do it. Don’t be just a simple information-provider.

When stories and pictures are not relevant to your blog, just explain what you try to say. Although it’s the least preferable option because you do not help the reader to visualize what you try to say, it’s still a better option when you have to give technical explanations.

3. Long or short Blogs?

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Length does not matter that much, as quality does. You can consider yourself the best paper writing service on the market, but if your articles are worthless, their length does not matter at all. Those who try to posts as many blogs as possible per week, will write very short content, not paying attention to quality. But on the other hand, writing blogs that are too long is not good either. They take a lot of time to read and we all know that time is a very limited resource readers have.

Experiment with the length of your blogs and see which works for your readers, but remember that remarkable content will bring you a lot of traffic immediately and then it will slowly fade away but still stick for several months, building up as you add other articles.

4. Make your blogs readable, easy to skim and structures

If you take a look at the best online companies offering paper writing service, you will see that their articles are well structured, easy to read and to skim. Have you ever stumbled upon a very long article? What did you do first? You scrolled down to see what it looked like before you even started reading it, right? You look at the structure of the article, the subtitles, and the pictures. It only takes several seconds for a reader to decide if he/she is going to read that article or not.

This means that if your subheadings are not good and your blog’s structure is all messed up and confusing, the reader will click the ‘go back’ button and move to something else. If you have a really long article, you can put a table of contents at the beginning, just like a book. The reader will know what your blog contains, without having to skim it.

5. Write a Compelling CTA

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A CTA or a Call To Action is crucial to any blog post. It is what makes or breaks all your effort to creating an outstanding article. A CTA cannot be just a link you throw somewhere in your article. You also have to tell the reader why he/she should click on that link and how this will benefit him/her. Just to make sure the reader does not miss your CTA, you can add more CTAs throughout your blog post.

Most bloggers are not willing to create remarkable content because this implies a lot of time, dedication, and effort. That is why you will see many common short pieces that look the same and give the same boring information. Remarkable content takes hours to create, but it’s worth it. It will bring you hundreds of new subscribers, you will get noticed by the big guys, and you will build authority.

Samantha Anderson is an educator and freelance writer. She studies secondary education and investigates its theoretical component. Having a great research writing experience she writes for writing service WriteMyPaper.Today

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