5 Ways to Stop Waking up Tired


Waking up tired in the morning is the worst way to start the day. There’s nothing worse than having to crawl out of bed in the morning eye’s dropping back and forth and crawling to a cup of coffee. Well, there are 5 easy to start ways that can stop you waking up tired.

Drink Water Before Bed

Drink lemon water

Dehydration is the absolute killer in the morning but it’s so often overlooked as the true reason for your fatigue. If you’re dehydrated through the day fatigue becomes a big problem and if you think how long you go without a drink by the time you wake up in the morning it’s no surprise you’re tired! Luckily it has the super simple fix of having a glass of water before you go to sleep and another when you wake up in the morning. This can have really drastic results and truly transform your mornings.

Follow Your Sleep Cycle

While you’re sleeping your body flows through 90-minute cycles where it goes from light sleep to the deep REM sleep where your body goes into full repair mode. If you get interrupted during the middle of one of these cycles your body gets completely mixed up and you wake up sluggish and extremely tired. That’s why when your sleeping through the night you want to have your alarm going off after 7.5 hours of sleep. That lets you wake up at the end of the cycle and will have you waking up far more refreshed than otherwise.

Go To Bed Earlier

The most obvious but it’s so overlooked! If you’re waking up over tired every morning it could be the simple fact that you’re going to bed too late each night. If you don’t allow yourself enough time to get a full night’s sleep then no matter how much water you drink you’re going to wake up tired. Ideally, you want to allow yourself enough time to sleep for 7.5 hours but you need time to fall asleep to so you might find you actually need to go to bed 8.5 hours before your alarm goes off.

Have protein at night

Peanut butter before bed

A lack of good food can also leave you feeling tired, so in the same way, your body needs water it needs food too, but going to sleep on a full stomach is problematic. So you want to stick to having protein close to bedtime for that release of energy to last you through to the morning. My personal favorite is having some peanut butter with an apple or on toast before bed. It’s not heavy but still gives you enough energy to last through until breakfast,

Avoid Morning Aches and Pains

If your bedding isn’t up to scratch you’re going to be waking up through the night with all sorts of aches and pains. Not good. A disturbed sleep is a bad sleep and exactly what you want to avoid to stop waking up tired. If you do suffer from back pain and find it’s ruining your sleep then you should consider looking into getting a proper mattress for a bad back.

Kieran is a great lover of sleep and you connect with him on Twitter at @thedozyowl

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