5 Ways to A Better Mental Health


Struggling with low productivity at work? Getting irritated by petty things? Being too stressed to sleep well? Scattered focus?

They may sound like everyday petty issues.

But these petty issues can be traced back to weak mental health.

These small issues not always lead to serious repercussions. But they almost always stop you from living life to the fullest.

They pull you from realizing your potential. They make you unhappy. They devoid you of a healthy mind and consequently a happy and healthy body.

So don’t get comfortable with these petty yet strong mental issues.

Fight against them and push them out of your mind and life.

Here are a few easy steps to a better and stronger mental health:

Release The Stress: Talk to Friends

Reduce stress and talk with friends“Shared joy is increased, shared pain is lessened.” – Spider Robinson

We often keep our stressors to ourselves. We are too afraid to talk about them.
We don’t want to stress loved ones. We believe that not talking about it will help avoid the tension. Or maybe because we don’t want to portray a crybaby image in front of others.

Whatever is your reason, does not releasing stress works?

Turns out, it is a temporary cure and not a permanent one.

It is this unshared stress that takes your focus off work. It is this secret tension that doesn’t let you sleep.

So don’t hold it back.

Release it.

Talk to a close friend, sibling, or colleague.

You’ll find out that you are not the only one going through hard times. You’ll learn how what you thought to be a serious problem could be easily sorted out.

According to a study conducted by Australia’s Flinder’s University, those with a large network of friends outlived their agemates by 22%.

This was concluded by observing 1500 people for 10 years.

Then make it a point to share whatever bothers you with a confidant. And if anyone is trying to find their confidant in you, do not hesitate, be that confidant and enjoy the satisfaction.

Feel Every Moment: Practice Mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the process of being in the present, not only physically but also mentally.

Many people confuse mindfulness with meditation. But Jon Kabat-Zinn, who has studied mindfulness for 35 years, believes that mindfulness is a form of meditation.

Mindfulness is as simple as savouring your daily meals without parting attention to what’s featuring on the T.V. It is going on a walk where you feel every step, observe every tree, listen carefully to all the chirps.

It is cutting yourself from the past and the future. It is being aware of your surroundings and living in the moment.

Studies show that mindfulness reduces anxiety. It improves cognition. It also cures depression.

Don’t Stall That Much-Needed-Vacation Anymore

Passion fruit daiquiri on vacation

Have been longing for a vacation to a serene, green location?

Maybe what I tell you know can give you that extra push.

Cities are stuffed with pollution, pollutants, and all sort of things that keep you from breathing freely and healthily.

Yet oftentimes, you just can’t dare to step out of it.

You have your excuses.

But studies show that spending time amid greenery is essential for your mental health. It is a cure for mental issues like stress, anxiety, and negativity.

So isn’t it time to make that delayed trip your absolute priority?

Follow Your Heart: At least Once in A While


You have never bought anything against your budget.

You have never skipped office for shopping.

You have never had an instant trip.

These are the things you’ve never dared to do but have always secretly craved for.

Then do them now.

Would that be good for your mental health, really?


Excess of stress and routine numbs your mind. Constantly turning a back to your secret desires makes your life hopeless.

Now, following your heart, even once in a while, gives you a sense of adventure. Sudden happiness stirs your numb mind. It cheers your spirits up.

So dare yourself to grab these small packets of happiness.

Watch A Movie!

Do the other tips seem intimidating?

This is why I kept the simplest one for the end.

And here it is: WATCH MOVIES!

What are you surrounded by? Traffic. Family problems. Financial issues. Relationship glitches.

Taking regular breaks from all this clutter is as important as having breakfast every day.

And if you can’t plan an instant trip to a serene city, don’t worry, there are other cheaper ways to escape.

Watching movies is one of them.

The best part: Movies are good for your mental as well as physical health.

Laughing during a comedy movie is good for your blood pressure and cardiovascular system. It also helps let go anxiety, fear, and aggression. Even watching a horror movie leads to a better mental health for people who love adventures.

Sound mental health is crucial for a healthy body and a happy life. Don’t overlook the fact that your mind needs your attention.

Listen to it. Understand it. And take good care of it. Eat what is good for your mental health.

“Wherever you put your mind, the body will follow.” – Ellen Langer, psychology professor at Harvard.

Samiksha Kaintura is a full time writer and editor at edunuts.com. During her free time, she can be mostly found immersed in a classic fiction. She believes that humanity is the best religion in the world, and if everyone starts following it there will be more peace than wars. LinkedinTwitter

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