5 Habits You Must Inculcate To Stay Motivated and Succeed


Motivation plays a key role in achieving success. Whether it is a something as simple as scoring well in SAT’s or something huge like starting your own business venture; its motivation that helps you move towards your desired goals. It helps you battle failure, break the bad habits that hold you back and overcome anything that comes in the path of success.

Motivated and successfulBut staying motivated and pushing yourself when there is a bump in the road or the times seems bleak can be really difficult. Below are five habits that you can include in your daily life to stay motivated and move towards success in spite of the failures, setbacks and defeats.

Eliminate Distractions & Manage Your Time

Distractions consume your energy in unproductive things and sidetracks success. As such it’s crucial to limit worthless distractions that only waste your time. Ask yourself how badly you want to achieve your goals and how much are you willing to sacrifice now to achieve those goals in the future. This will help you cut out distractions, have discipline and invest your time in more productive activities.

Write down your objectives and apprehensions

Set goals

According to a study about goals at Harvard MBA program, people who have set clear written goals and also have plans to achieve the same are more likely to accomplish the goals than those who don’t have clear and measurable goals. It is advised that you should not only set measurable and time-bound goals but also write them down to create a vision. Apart from that, writing down the fear and apprehensions is also just as important as writing the goals. This helps dispel the negative thoughts and excuses that pull us back.

Visualize the future

Once you have written down your goals, you can get motivated by visualizing what the future would be like when you achieve those goals. Spend some time every day, thinking and creating a detailed picture of life when your dreams come true. Visualize everything from the place you will live at to the places you will travel. While visualizing the future also remind yourself of the reasons that inspire you towards your goals. This will help you establish a powerful and deep-rooted connection with your goals and keep you motivated throughout the journey.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditate

Yoga or any other physical activity for that matter, which helps move the body and oxygenated blood, can play a great role in keeping you motivated. It helps fight stress and regain focus and clarity. Meditation also has powerful and transformative properties, which enables an individual to align his physical and spiritual self. It helps de-clutter the mind, bring positivity and renew a sense of spirit and motivation.

Find a Mentor

We all need a certain push when we feel upset, someone to turn to when nothing seems to be working well or someone to share your goals and plans with to get expert feedback.  A mentor can be everything a friend when you need support, an adviser when you need guidance, a counselor when you feel low and a confidant with whom you share your fears, apprehensions and goals. It’s important to find a mentor and make it a habit of getting regular guidance in order to stay motivated throughout the journey.

There are several other things that can help you get and stay motivated to achieve success and this articles contains only a few of them. We hope you gained some helpful insight, which will help you in your endeavors. Although these habits can’t be achieved overnight, we will hope that you try and get the best results.

Janice Howard is a strong believer in the power of positivity and how it can change the life and environment around. This positive attitude is what inspires him pen down his empowering ideas and create a positive life-changing impact. The writer is also a regular contributor for the Positivepsychologyprogram.com.

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