4 Style Tips to Boost Success


Everyone has heard the phrase, “Dress for success.” Many career coaches take the advice a step further by encouraging people to dress for the position you want. If you’re going after a manger role, dress like your manager does. If you want to be a CEO, dress like a CEO.

Countless studies have looked into these guidelines we assume to be true and take for granted. Will you really achieve success in the workplace if you wear a suit and tie? The short answer, yes.

The real reason outfits alters success is because of mental attitude. “Dress well, feel well,” my mother always said.

By putting on nicer clothes you’re telling yourself that you deserve respect. Likewise, those you interact with will similarly receive the same message and give you the respect you deserve. It is a double-whammy in the way both parties feel about your clothes.

1. Clothes that fit

Nice clothes and fashion

Obviously an upgrade in clothes are a must. You want to keep in mind this is an investment in your financial success too, so treat this asset with respect. You never want to overdress either. If your work environment is casual, coming to work in a suit and tie may be too threatening. Keep in mind though, you want to find something that fits your personality and ultimately makes you feel good. Feelings are a must.

2. Hair that turns heads

Perhaps the most important styling tip is how meticulous you are about your hair. This goes for men and women both. Just because women have longer preparation time with blowouts and flat irons doesn’t mean men escape scot-free. Men have facial hair to contend with, whether choosing to shave clean or applying beard oil, as daily maintenance and upkeep is a must.

3. Hats that wow

The wildcard of the bunch is a hat. Women understand this trend and wear hats well. Whether it’s a big floppy hat or a sunny straw hat, it’s the ultimate game-changing accessory if you can pull off a hat. Men, on the other hand, need to be on notice. Hat fashions are gaining momentum and you don’t want to be left behind. Throw a crisp wool fedora above that meticulously trimmed beard of yours and you can practically cash that check to the corner office.

4. Shoes that shine

Shoes that shine

An often overlook fashion accessory is what you wear on your feet. Women are lucky if they enjoy high heels and end up collecting them all like Pokémon. Even if you’re out on a casual Saturday wearing athletic-wear but have a killer pair of flats on, you’ll be forgiven. Even for men, a great pair of crisp sneakers may be the best upgrade your t-shirt and jeans wardrobe ever received.

Take these tips and apply them to your wardrobe today. Your success is just around the corner.

Andy is the editor at fashionablehats.com. He’s a hat aficionado with an eye for fashion. He’s in love with the classic style of hats, history of hats, and the recent resurgence of the hat wearing community. Needless to say, he’s obsessed with hats. Need advice? Follow his blog on fashionablehats.com/blog.

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