3 Warning Signs That You Should Turn Down That Job Offer


It can be so tempting, can’t it?

You’ve been searching for a job for months, you’ve interviewed at 13 different companies, and you’ve finally been offered a job. You want to hurry and sign on the dotted line before they give the job to someone else.

But there are times when you should run in the opposite direction.

Don’t get yourself in a situation where you choose the wrong job. It’s especially common for young job seekers to be more focused on getting an offer than the actual fit of the position.

So, the question is, how do you know if you should accept or turn down that fresh job offer? Here are the three warning signs to watch out for and use to evaluate if that job is really worth it…

1) Lack of Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Learn and grow

If no one asks you what your career goals are, this could be a sign of a dead-end job.

Don’t compromise your long-term goals.

Ultimately, you will be happier when you find a job that will get you one step closer to where you want to be. Companies with strategic leadership offer their employees education opportunities and ways to move up in the company. If you don’t hear anything like that during your interview, that might be a sign that you will be stuck in the same place not learning or growing for however long you stay with the company. The salary may be tempting at this moment, but the opportunity to learn and thrive at your job will make you a happier employee.

2) A High Turnover Rate

Are all the employees new, but the company isn’t?

This might be because there is a high turnover rate. While there are many reasons that the turnover rate could be high, a lot of times it’s because people don’t like their jobs and are quitting right and left. A company that doesn’t understand the value of reward and recognition and work to engage their employees is not a place you want to dedicate yourself to.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions in the interview when they offer to answer any questions. One question you can ask to maybe get some insight on how employees feel about the company could be, “What’s something employees have said that they would like to improve about this company?”

3) Too Much Work for Too Little Pay

Hard work little pay

You’ve read the job description and are prepared for the interview. You’ve come up with responses that will show how qualified you are for the responsibilities listed, but you also notice that you will be asked to perform “other responsibilities as required”.

Pay attention throughout the interview. If you noticed a huge list of ongoing tasks and responsibilities — most of which weren’t even ion the job listing — take caution. It’s true most applications have a line that says you will be required to perform “other duties”, but you should try to be fully aware of all your tasks before you accept the job. You should make sure that they will be paying you appropriately for all the responsibilities you will be given.

This is another opportunity to ask the employer questions to get a better idea of what you would be doing in the position. Ask him or her how they view the position and what they would expect you to do daily. If you believe that you should receive more pay, ask about it. If they do not increase the salary, turn down the job. There will be someone else who will pay you fairly.

There may be other warning signs that point to you not accepting the job, even if it is just a gut feeling. Trust your gut and know that there will be other job opportunities that will give you a better education. There will be companies that you enjoy working for, and there will be companies who treat your fairly and pay you what you are worth. Good luck in your job search!

Annabelle Smyth is a freelance writer who covers everything from HR to technology and leadership skills. Her most recent work involves partnership marketing with BambooHR and CMOE where she has had the opportunity to learn about the relationship between leadership and successful businesses.

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