13 Great Tips to Keep Your Life Organized


Sometimes life can be so hectic such that everything can feel messy and things happens so fast you don’t even realize. But we are in the 21st century where if disorganization is congesting your life with a lot of frustration, this is the time to get organized in our lives. We can all agree that sometimes we feel a little lax about always being organized, but there is always room for improvement. Take a moment and think about how easy it will be to find the stuff you are looking for and avoid the last minute rush.

So, why don’t you start now? Here are 13 great tips that will help you get organized with your life at home or work.

  • Write a workable task list of everything

The truth is that most of us find it hard to remember everything we need to do and some even look for help in writing services such as 123writings. But with the current advancement in technology it easier to remember things with the help of digital tools or writing down what you need to do. Keeping a to-do list of everything you need in a written form allows you to make reference in case you forget one item.

  • Have a back-up for everything

With so many things to do, it is likely to keep forgetting and sometimes your work can get lost. The best thing is to back up your files on your computer and have some duplicates made for future references. You can start with keeping your originals and photocopies of your birth certificates, financial records, insurance, and land titles tucked away in a folder.

  • Perform regular cleaning

The best way to stay organized is to allocate some hours to cleaning up your home or place of work. You don’t need to spend the whole day doing some cleaning, just 15 to 30 minutes are enough for a day.

  • Allocate a checklist for repetitive tasks

Keep a checklist

Checklists are important in ensuring that repetitive tasks are not left unattended. This can happen when you are overworked or working under time constraints. Checklists help you to keep you on track and manage your time properly.

  • Look for a money management app

The worst thing about being disorganized is overspending your money on unnecessary expenses. Thanks to technology, it is now easier to get a money management app such as Mint or Quicken to keep track of your monthly bills and any other spending. With these apps, you can see how much money you spend monthly and you will know where to allocate more money and where to cut.

  • Learning to delegate some organizing tasks

It is important to decongest your home or office with help from a team. Review your to-do list and find the task you can delegate to other people. It can be your spouse of kids. Allocate several responsibilities for each person and distribute them equally. At the end, check everything to see if the work has been done properly.

  • Recycle or donate

Most of us have those unopened bags or clothes that clutter our closet. If your room is full of unread books or clothes that you no longer wear, chances are that you will never read or use whatever it is. The best thing is to donate them to charity or recycle them by reselling them on sites such as Ebay. There are so many centers that will appreciate the donations.

  • Keep the hotspot areas tidy

Your home or office has a hotspot that is prone to dirt. In this list, the common areas are the dining table, sink, bedroom drawers, nightstand, and cubicle. These places get a lot of dirt and need to be cleaned daily.

  • Learn to return items to their respective place

Office space organized

Creating space for you stuff is a good thing but it will be a waste of time if you don’t implement it. If you are dedicated to keep home organized, practice putting things in their place immediately you are done using them. In fact, this will not take a lot of your time.

  • Create a safe password for each app you use

If you decide to use several apps to keep your daily activities organized, it is important to have safe passwords for your privacy and security. Having a lot of different passwords is a secure although it can be difficult remembering them. You can centralize your passwords using a special app where you can create one secure password for all other passwords.

  • Create a routine cleaning schedule (Daily, Weekly or Monthly)

Having a cleaning schedule where you distribute your tasks either daily, weekly, or monthly is a good way to ensure you remain organized. You can schedule to wash dishes daily, vacuum weekly and dust the windows monthly.

  • Use your commuting time to coordinate tasks

Clean car

Most of us spend a lot of time commuting. But you can use this time to coordinate intensive tasks, such as receive updates on any new projects and find out if they need your help. By the time you arrive at your destination or work place, you have the right angle on how to approach the task.

  • Create a list of activities for the weekend

Before the weekend arrives, create a list of important activities that you want to do instead of figuring out when that time comes. This allows you to do the important tasks first and find time to plan other activities for the week.

It is very easy to organize your life if you make it a habit first to do the most important tasks. These tips will help you get organized and go through the process step by step until you achieve some order in life. It is never too late to start. Stand up for the challenge and keep your life organized.

Bria Pierce is freelance writer with a deep passion in traveling and personal development. She believes in the power of motivation as well as hard work as keys to success. Bria cannot imagine her life without writing so it’s her occupation, her hobby and her way of living. Follow her on twitter.

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